Data Protection Policy

Below are the applicable terms:

DAP includes its partners, employees and other staff for which DAP is responsible.

Client consents that Personal Data is information and documents as further defined in the DAP Data Protection Policy.

Client consents that Personal Data will be used and shared by DAP only for and to the extent as needed and it will only be provided to necessary third parties, defined as a) agencies of the U.S. Government as pertains to my particular case(s), which may include the Departments of State, Homeland Security and Labor among others, and b) non-government organizations that may be requested to provide credential evaluations and advisory opinions, such as educational credentials evaluators, labor unions, management organizations and private experts.

Client consents that Personal Data will be received and stored on DAP’s password-protected computers and will be transmitted among DAP staff and stored via Dropbox and/or Google Drive as per their respective protective measures.

Client may withdraw my consent at any time by email to “,” in which case DAP will destroy all of Personal Data in its possession. In such case, I recognize and accept that in the event I later seek to retrieve any of Personal Data or if I request new services from DAP, it will no longer have any of Personal Data to access.

Client also agrees that DAP is not obligated to retain its personal data after completion of any particular legal service matter, and reserves the right to destroy it seven (7) years after case termination.